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Reckon Plating
Headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN


Shipments Arrive


When shipments arrive, they are opened one at a time and the contents are photographed for inventory control. The pieces are then individually examined and priced.

Free Estimate

Pricing is done on our best estimate of the time required to properly refinish the particular item. Consideration is given to size, type of substrate metal, detail and deterioration. The price is then recorded on a photocopy of the original photo along with notes concerning the item. Photocopies of all items in shipment are then sent to the client along with a contract for the proposed services. Upon receipt, the client then selects whether or not to proceed with the order.




Plating only looks as good as the surface to which it is applied. Any deviation in the surface will become magnified by the bright plating. Therefore, straightening, grinding, sanding, and buffing, are extremely critical steps. The old plated parts are completely stripped and are then polished. Any scratches or pits are removed from the parts as well. Finally the parts are cleaned an inspected to ensure a high quality finish before being sent to plating.

Triple Plating

1) Copper Plating

Copper plating will protect the metal and give the part a smoother appearance.

2) Nickel Plating

The parts are then buffed and nickel plated.

3) Chrome Plating

The last step in the triple plate process is the chrome plate. This is a layer of a hard weather resistant metal. The chrome's main purpose is to prevent the tarnishing dulling of the bright nickel. After rinsing the chromed objects are placed in a hot, post-dip solution to neutralize.


Final Inspection

After post-drip and drying, parts are unracked or dewired and carted to the inspection room, where they receive a final inspection. Upon satisfactory inspection, the parts are wrapped in appropriate materials for protection.

Environmentally Conscious

Being environmentally conscious, Reckon Plating strives to set the industry standard in treating our waste products.


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